Our Company

CLASS is the consulting, training, mentoring and coaching firm working for channelizing human resources. We have played a pivot role in helping more than 75 industries ranging from mega large to small scale in achieving higher productivity and performance since 2006.

Our services are focused on enhancing people efficiency and effectiveness.

We are guided in everything we do by our mission , vision and values.


Our team has an extensive hand-on experience in manufacturing industries. We focus on markets where we can make a major contribution.

We look into these markets for passionate people, dedicated to making an important difference. As we engage people, they gain a renewed feeling of purpose and better understand how to contribute in their daily work – to the organization and its vision.

Together, we work to transform the way things are done and meet new and challenging goals.

Measurable Results

Using experience of more than 26 years we have designed products that help us in achieving beneficial results for everyone. Our products create measurable results at national, organizational, departmental, team & individual levels. Below is an overview of our targeted results.

class product results

Organization Performance

Since its commencement in 2006, the organization has increased its clients to the present count of 75+ corporate organizations and educational institutions. Also more than 50 professionals have worked with us on small and large scale projects. Our list of corporate and individual level offering has increased over time as we gain a better understanding of their demands.

CLASS Development Center

Since its commencement, our development center in Ghaziabad has been a center of knowledge sharing in the field of HR development. Time to time new development programs are conducted here for independent individuals and for our corporate clients. The center has also acted as a business incubator for multiple entrepreneurial startups, providing them resources and services according to their need.

If you would like to lease/rent our development center or want to host meetings, please contact the below given number for further details.